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We are passionate advocates for victims of Sex Crimes. If you've been charged in Nevada with a sex crime such Prostitution, Solicitation, Trespassing, Loitering, or Sex Trafficking, you need to contact us NOW! Penalties for a sex crime can be very severe, including prison time.

The most common legal defense strategies for sex cases in Nevada (Especially Las Vegas) includes innocence, consent, accuser motivation, and suppression of evidence. We can evaluate your case for free and give you our professional opinion on what's best for your situation.

We have been around a while is a "HUGE" advantage. Knowing the Clark County and other Nevada courts have their own way of doing things, and we've developed relationships with judges & prosecutors. We've won 1000s of cases in Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding cities.


  • Lady Luck Law saved my marriage.  I was sitting a the bar in an upscale Casino and chatting with an attractive lady and purchased her a drink.  Apparently there was an misunderstanding and I was arrested  soliciting a prostitute.  They got me out of jail, met with my wife and explained everything.  Thank you!

    John S. The Gambler

  • I was just standing behind Circus-Circus wearing Las Vegas style clothing.  Las Vegas Metro arrested me and charged with Trespassing and Solicitation.  How unfair!  Lady Luck Law helped Bail me out of the jail and got me on my way.  Thankfully I had their App on my Iphone. Its a must have.

    Giulia Z. Professional Dancer

  • Was at a amazing club in Vegas.  Met what I thought was a sexy lady dressed to kill and enjoy the evening.  Little did I know, it was really an under-cover cop and I was detained.  Lady Luck Law was there to bail me out and handled all the charges against.  From scared to relieved!  Amazing representation.

    Paul J. Vegas Visitor